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Light years ahead of the competition, Lightspeed Pro LED grow lights run much cooler and consume less energy, reducing operating costs and increasing profits.

Commercial Grade

Lightspeed Pro heavy-duty products are specifically designed for industrial commercial indoor plant grow operations and greenhouses.

100% Programmable

With auto control features such as customized spectrums, light intensity, and lighting cycles, Lightspeed Pro manages the growing process for you.

Field Serviceable

We provide convenient on-location service for routine repairs or replacements–so there’s no need to return products.

Quality Guaranteed

Made to last, Lightspeed Pro products comply with ISO 9001 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 quality standards.


Lightspeed Pro products are guaranteed for up to three years. *

* See product descriptions for details

Powered by LumLux

Lightspeed Pro products are engineered and produced by LumLux, a world leader in the manufacturing of commercial horticultural lighting solutions. Established in 2006, Lumlux is dedicated to the research and development of high-efficiency indoor grow light fixtures and controllers. LumLux believes in providing your horticultural operation with reliable and powerful sun-like illumination to help nourish your plant grow business.

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Need help planning your lighting layout?

Why pay for fixtures you don’t need or waste PAR on empty space? We can help you plan the most effective mounting layouts for your horticultural operation to ensure your crops get optimal lighting distribution and grow to their fullest potential.

New Arrivals

Lightspeed Pro Cosmic Plus LED 600W 100-277V Dimmable

In stock

Although geared towards commercial horticulture cultivation, it can be run on 120V (5A), 208V (2.89A) or 240V (2.5A) – 50/60 Hz allowing for a choice to be made by either the master grower or facility manager.

Lightspeed Pro Cosmic LED 400W 100-277V Dimmable

In stock

The Lightspeed Pro Cosmic Plus 400W LED is an hydroponic dimmable full spectrum fixture designed for indoor growing. The unique design means that the lights are distributed around more evenly with no hot zones.

Lightspeed Pro Cosmic Plus LED 600W 347V Dimmable

In stock

Introducing the Lightspeed Pro Cosmic Plus 600W 347V LED, a next generation light that closely mimics the light emitted from the sun itself. Hitting peaks on visible and non-visible light, this product will not let you down.

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